Shop Leasing

]H[Nishi Shopping & Fashion District Center


We’d like to invite you to take advantage of merchant space at ]H[Nishi, one of the top fashion malls in Second Life.

]H[Nishi has two levels of shopping, beautiful grounds, and lots of special and romantic locales. Shopping areas are wrapped around the central core — sight lines for all shop spaces are excellent. We build traffic with our hunts, freebies, midnight mania boards, lucky chairs, and promotions.

We host Omega, Shiny Girl, Danish Designs, SaniZen, P.A. designe, BoS, <GC> хорошая одежда (good clothing), Black Arrow Productions, Juliette Beaumont, Lovemotif, Tammy Sue, RXRemington, o’Bare, AND MANY MORE! These are just some of the fine merchants you’d be joining… some have been with us for all of our SIX YEARS in business!

Please come by to see what we’re all about. Rates and additional details are listed below.

Thank you for your attention.


豪 BDSM Mall, Dungeon, Prison, and Sensuous Sim
豪 No BS. Friendly owner.
豪 Rental of adjoining spaces accommodated where possible.

豪 Competitive pricing…

Lower Level Shops:

  • L$160 per week for 20 prims (L$8/prim)
  • L$210 per week for 30 prims (L$7/prim)
  • L$240 per week for 40 prims (L$6/prim)
  • L$250 per week for 50 prims (L$5/prim)
  • L$300 per week for 60 prims (L$5/prim)
  • L$350 per week for 70 prims (L$5/prim)
  • L$400 per week for 80 prims (L$5/prim)
  • L$450 per week for 90 prims (L$5/prim)
  • L$500 per week for 100 prims (L$5/prim)

Upper Level Shops:

  • L$5/prim for all spaces and prim counts

Terms & Conditions

We ask each tenant to agree to the following…

豪 No rotating objects (scrolling textures are okay)
豪 No self-cycling scripts or vendors
豪 No talking or shouting vendors
豪 No textures over 512 x 512 pixels
豪 Float Text may not show through walls, floors, or ceilings
豪 Items must be kept within the confines of the rented space

For more information and/or a tour contact:
—> Xia Nishi (Owner)

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