]H[Nishi Has Moved!

]H[Nishi Shopping & Fashion District Coastline

We’ve picked up and moved back to a [M]oderate region and we now have a wonderful new ocean-side locale in Biondello. We’ll be celebrating our grand re-opening with a party very soon, but please come over for a sneak peek.

Why move you ask? We wanted to take ]H[Nishi a bit more into the mainstream and our [A]dult region location seemed to be more of a hindrance than an advantage, so we sold Cloudville and moved to Biondello. It’s really a beautiful place to be. Most of your favorite merchants are still here too.

]H[Nishi Shopping & Fashion District Center

We’ll be having lots more hunts and events as we get settled, so keep an eye on your notices. Some of the stores are already in grid-wide hunts so check those out too! The Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania boards have come along too, so there are still lots of great freebies to be had at ]H[Nishi. And speaking of freebies, the group HQ is alive and well. It costs L$250 to join the group, but then you can pick from over 40 fantastic group gifts. It’s a bargain!

Come by for a visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you!



The Roman Bath

The bath and the cushions have lots of wonderful animations, plus there is a Kabuki massage table. Check it out!

An Unsolicited Testimonial

Caitna Brionnae (caitnabrionnae): You have a WONDERFUL place here, I’ve been dragging my friends over frequently since I discovered it on a Hunt… easy to get around in, wonderful attention to detail like the sounds and lighting, creative focus, and a lot of original ideas. Many thanks for such a fine place 🙂

You have succeeded admirably 🙂 and the clever layout lets you see things at a distance, without them being intrusive. Really, very wonderful work 🙂 As I said, just wanted to say thank you for such a nice mall 🙂

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